Providing the necessary know-how

Training in Cardiovascular conditions and treatments

In order to run a state of the art cardiac hospital, it requires a large technical expertise in addition to a high clinical knowledge and experience. Right from the beginning, ACH has strived to bring together several specialists to complement and help each other in sharpening their skills. A central policy of ACH has been to encourage and assist Ethiopian specialists in Internal Medicine to acquire skills in Cardiology, as well as to attract available Cardiologists who want to work in a dynamic and academic atmosphere. In addition, we have explored the possibility of attracting experienced international specialists, especially from Sweden, who are willing to come regularly to participate with the main objective of developing and creating a vibrant and up-to-date cardio-thoracic center.

In collaboration with NUTEK we have a one year plan of education and knowledge transfer regarding the new cardiovascular treatment modalities.

Addis Cardiac Hospital also sends physicians and nurses on training, in cardiovascular conditions, treatments and interventions to hospitals in Sweden. This is done in order to ensure that the nurses have up-to-date knowledge about healthcare conditions as well as the use of medical equipment. In order to enhance patience safety and ensure the correct usage of medical devices it is essential that healthcare personnel have adequate training to use the equipment. Incorrect use has, historically, lead to several accidents and safety hazards. The aim is to utilize the knowledge and experience gained in the developed countries to the benefit of our patients.

Training in the use of Medical Devices

Addis Cardiac Hospital also recieves one trainee in the field of Medical Engineering from Sweden through the Swedfund trainee program. This collaboration results in a Swedish student gaining experience in the maintenance and service of medical devices, at the same time as the hospital gets up-to-date knowledge and competence in the use of medical devices. This also ensures that the hosptial has the latest equipment used in modern healthcare, and that it is used according to safety regulations in Europe.

Please click here to read more about the Swedfund trainee program.
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