Addis Cardiac Hospital was established as a collaboration between four Swedish companies and five individuals. The founding assembly was held 30th of September 2006 at Global hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 3rd of October, the same year, the Ethiopian Investment Authority issued the investment license and registration certificate for Addis Cardiac Hospital PLC

The founding members agreed to establish a jointly owned limited liability company, Addis Cardiac Hospital Plc, to be governed by the Commercial Code of Ethiopia and in accordance with the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and shareholder’s agreement. The object of the Company's business is to establish and run a state of the art cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment facility.

In order to start up and develop the business of the Company, the need for financing was been estimated to a total of Birr 19,542,000.

Our investors:

  • FIKMAR Medical AB
  • Patrik Hjalmarsson AB
  • OCTUPUS Limedic
  • Swedfund
  • Öhmans Fondkommission

    The hospital endeavors to expand the scope and standard of its services. Investors plan for the construction of a new hospital of international standard where extensive training of medical staff will be held. The construction of the new hospital will include the acquisition of medical and diagnostic equipments of latest technology. The total estimated investment requirement for the establishment, of the new hospital is about Birr 250 million. Out of which:
  • 50% is allocated for building construction,
  • 46% for acquisition of medical and diagnostic equipments, and
  • 4% for training and human resource development.

    Among others, current investors will contribute to the construction of the new hospital. Feel free to contact us regarding investment matters.
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