Department of Biomedical Engineering


The development of the healthcare sector has led to more advanced medical treatments being performed. This has led to and increased use to use hi-tech medical devices. These apparatus include CT, Ultrasound, Ergometers, Telemetry etc. With the increased use of these devices it is important that the equipment is maintained well, that calibration is performed regularily and that service is done, in order to ensure precision, reliability and accuracy of these devices.

Recognizing this need to maintain the devices Addis Cardiac Hospital has employed one Biomedical Engineer. The engineer ensures that the devices are used correctly and that they are functioning as intended. Apart from that, the engineer is active in instructing nurses and physicians in the correct usage of the devices, in order to enhance patient safety.

Atnafe Eshetu

Our Biomedical Engineer Atnafe Eshetu is currently working together with the trainee in the service of the medical devices. Atnafe is a graduate from University of Pune and has several years of experience in working with medical devices. He has been trained in the use, miantainence, and service of medical devices in hospitals in Sweden. Apart from that he has, on several occasions, been trained by Siemens engineers in Germany on the preventive maintenance and service of their medical systems.

As the hospitals usage of medical devices increases we are in need to expand the Department of Biomedical Engineering and are thus, looking for another Biomedical Engineer to assist Atnafe in ensuring that the devices are functioning as intended. We strive to provide patients with high-quality and reliable healthcare, where the patient is put in center of the treatmentplan, and thus put emphasis on patient safety. Are you interested working for us maintaining the devices? Please send us your resume and a personal statement. Deadline for applications: 1 Sept 2010

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