Coronary Angiography


What is Coronary Angiography?

Coronary Angiography is an invasive procedure performed in order to observe the coronary arteries, that is, the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. It was first performed in 1959 by Sones and for the first time in Ethiopia at Addis Cardiac Hospital, in 2007.

How it is performed?

It is performed on a conscious patient through the femoral arteries (arteries of the leg) or the radial arteries (arteries in the arm) under local anesthesia to prevent pain during puncture for access. Subsequently a small, soft tipped tube (catheter) is inserted into the artery with a guide to the heart, with contains contrast substance, which allows filming the blood flow through the coronary arteries with X-ray. The aim is for the the physicians to observe flow through the vessels of the heart.

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